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Oman expatriate labour ban: Restriction on recruiting foreign workers proposed for ‘negative’ nationalities
May 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: A cap, or even an outright ban, on recruiting expatriate workers from nationalities deemed to have "negative records" in Oman has been proposed by Municipal Council members.

Elected members belonging to Muscat governorate have advocated capping the number of expats of certain nationalities in recruitment, regulating issuance of visas for nationalities under scanner and taking stringent steps to deal with the menace of absconding workers.

At a recent meeting of the Municipal Council, some members felt that "a balance needs to be maintained while issuing visas for different nationalities".

Some of the council members even suggested that visas "for certain nationalities, which have negative records", should be stopped.

He explained that the government should stop issuing visas to people of any such nationalities that have a lot of "negative records" against them.

He added that it was time  Oman changed its attitude towards some nationalities.

According to official figures, there are 597,769 Indians, 510,470 Bangladeshis, 222,355 Pakistanis, 43,201 Ethiopians, 31,511 Indonesians, 29,426 Filipinos, 23,021 Egyptians, 12,867 Nepalese and 12,557 Sri Lankans in Oman.

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