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Your family can live in Oman if your employer changes resident status to UAE
May 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM

I am a resident of Oman and my family is dependent on the visa sponsored by my employer. My employer wants to change my resident status to United Arab Emirates visa as we have a branch office in Dubai. Can my family still live in Oman on the existing resident card? My employer has no problem with this. Will there be any other complications for me and my family while travelling out of Oman, or for paying rents for house in  Muscat?

Your family can continue to live in Oman since your employer has no objection to their presence in the country under his responsibility and sponsorship. You and your family may also travel freely within Oman and outside Oman until the validity of the existing residence permit expires. Once the residence permit expires, it cannot be renewed since your residence has already been cancelled and transferred to the UAE. Otherwise, there is no problem or complications.

I am an expat hired by the Ministry of Manpower in Oman and currently working in Shinas. I recently brought my wife and two children on family visa to Oman. My contract provides an "annual ticket for myself, spouse and three children." I shall be going on vacation with family in July-August 2014 as provided in the contract. My question is: Are my wife and two children entitled to full ticket fares (going and coming back to Oman)? When my wife and two children came last year, the company paid only 75 per cent of the airfares as per the orders from the Ministry of Manpower.

From the explanations provided by you it appears that your wife and children are entitled to tickets from the employer after completion of your one-year service. However, some wordings used in the agreements give room for manifold interpretations and some employers use such terminologies to their advantage. If an employment contract provides for "round trip excursion tickets to spouse and children" the employer is legally bound to bear the full cost of the tickets for the family. In the absence of such specific wordings, you might be required to address your concerns to the employer if your employer applies precedence in determining the cost of the air tickets for the family.

I used to travel to the UAE by road. Since last year, they are denying my entry stating that my profession (Traffic Controller) no more exists on their list. My son works in the UAE and is ready to arrange a visit visa for me and my wife. On receiving the visa, can I travel to the UAE by road or do I have to travel by air? Please confirm this matter through your legal column.

Eligibility on the movements of expatriates through border cross points of the country (through road) is decided and reviewed by the authorities concerned from time to time. Such review is also in conformity with the policies of the UAE authorities since you need to have their permission to cross the UAE borders. If you are able to obtain visit visas from the UAE, you may travel to the country through road if you possess the visas in original and one of the border points (for example Al Wajajah or Al Buraimi) is recorded as the first port of entry. This can be taken care of while submitting applications to the UAE authorities for visit visas. Every day hundreds of people from the UAE enter Oman (Musandam) through road and return after obtaining resident visas or visit visas from that country. That shows that it is possible to use the border points to enter the UAE from Oman if you possess a valid entry visa. The restrictions are applicable only for visa on arrival facility.

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