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Oman Automobile Association hosts three training courses
May 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: The Oman Automobile Association (OAA), in co-operation with the International Automobile Federation (Fia) and Syrian Automobile Club, has organised three training courses for drifters, journalists, photographers, volunteers, observers and organisers in motorsport between May 6 to 10.

According to a press statement issued by OAA yesterday, the courses attracted 112 participants and included lecturers on preparations and safety measures on and off the racetracks. Drifters learned a number of new skills through hands-on training by their Championship Manager Red Bull Car Park Drift, Abdo Feghali, in addition to theoretical training on safety equipment and proper nutrition.

OAA board chairman Brig. (retd.) Salim bin Khalifa Al Maskery, said: "This is for the third consecutive year the Oman Automobile Association in co-operation with the Fia organised training for drivers, organisers, volunteers and observers, who undoubtedly have a great role in the activation of motorsport in the Sultanate."

Hani Shaaban, Deputy Chairman of the Syrian Automobile Club, commented on the important role played by the Fia on strengthening safety measures around the world.

He also said "There is no doubt that the three courses focused on safety measures inside and outside racetracks, which provides security for the competitors and the public at the same time, emphasising that the motorsport that began in 1903, by organising a rally (Paris–Madrid) has developed rapidly, and the tightening of safety measures to avoid the untoward incidents."

Meanwhile, the courses attracted a large number of drifters who gained from the lectures delivered by Abdo Feghali. The participants were put through practical and theoretical sessions.

They were taught how to identify the safety equipment in motorsport, the importance of proper nutrition and medical and public safety aspects as well as the need to develop good relations with the media, and ways to get proper attention from private companies.

Drift drivers were also introduced to personal and psychological preparations before the start of the competitions, and the need to stay away from drugs, and received training on the laws and techniques of drifting.

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