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Traffic snarls hit Star Cinema in Ruwi
May 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Huge traffic bottlenecks in between Wadi Kabir from Darsait area as the authorities have closed a left turn in between Star Cinema and Sheraton Hotel in Ruwi. Photo - A.R.Rajkumar/Times of Oman

Muscat: Commuters coming to Wadi Kabir from Darsait area are experiencing huge traffic bottlenecks as the authorities have closed a left turn in between Star Cinema and Sheraton Hotel in Ruwi.

Due to this, people are forced to take U turn from Sheraton Hotel signal which is not permissible. "This is creating a huge traffic jam in the area," said Rajesh Shukla, who resides in CBD area.

He also said that it took more than 45 minutes to reach from Darsait to CBD area on Tuesday – a distance he normally covers within 5 minutes. "This is really frustrating and causing a major hurdle for commuters," a commuter said.

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As part of the development project, the Muscat Municipality has started the construction of flyovers and interchanges from the Darsait flyover to the Wadi Kabir roundabout. A new flyover is being built near Stars Cinema which will be linked to the existing one near Hasan Ibn Thabit School.

Another flyover will come up at the intersection opposite the Sheraton hotel. Work on this has already started. This would considerably ease the traffic flow in the future and officials say more than half the work on the project is already over.

The construction project, which is more than 60 per cent complete, will provide with all necessary means of traffic safety, lighting and drainage system for surface water.

These projects have been initiated to ease traffic bottlenecks in Ruwi and adjacent areas.

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