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Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry for ban on heavy trucks in residential areas
May 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) has called on the authorities concerned to find a solution to the issue of heavy trucks parked in residential areas.

"We have been calling the authorities concerned to designate a certain area for parking the heavy trucks," said Salim Al Junaibi, an OCCI member and chairman of the Transport Committee of OCCI.

He told Times of Oman that the recommendation of the OCCI to designate an area for trucks parking away from the residential areas was a result of the increasing number of complaints received from residents.

"A number of residents are perturbed due to unlawful parking of heavy trucks close to their houses," said Al Junaibi. He added that the OCCI has been urging the authorities concerned for the last three years on this and will keep on raising the residents' demands to ban parking of heavy vehicles around residential complexes.

"This residential area witnesses one or the other accident almost every week," said Ali Abdullah, a resident of Khoudh. He added that most of the accidents can be avoided if there are no heavy trucks in residential areas.

"As most of the accidents can be attributed to drivers losing control of their trucks, many vehicles end up going under these trucks leading to loss of life and property," said Ali.

Some of the private companies allegedly misuse the spare spaces in residential areas by parking their heavy vehicles and keeping some of their tanks and heavy tools. "There is an open store next to my house," said Khalid Al Sadi, an Amerat resident.

He added that a vacant area next to his new villa was full of heavy equipment and tankers along with a number of heavy trucks.

"I paid a huge amount of money to build my villa and finally I ended up with this terrible view," said Al Sadi, while noting that the stink and view of the heavy trucks and tools all around make him
feel as if he was living in an industrial area.

The presence of such heavy trucks and tools inside the residential areas add to the woes of the residents as there is no way to stop children from playing with heavy tools used by truck drivers.

"The neighbourhood children always play in such open areas but many have been hurt due to those heavy tools," said Yousif Al Jabri, a Mabelah resident.

He added that his children sometimes come back home with oil stains on their clothes.

"Such a substance can cause various diseases which can affect the residents and their children," said Al Jabri.

He added that the heavy trucks and their tools must be stored in separate areas.

"We call on the authorities concerned to find an urgent solution to the menace of heavy trucks being parked in residential areas," said Al Jabri.

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