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CBSE Board results: 73 Indian School Muscat students get impeccable GPA 10
May 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: An atmosphere of excitement and exuberance that naturally follows big success was seen at the Indian School Muscat (ISM) as all the 541 students who appeared for the Class X CBSE examinations 2014 cleared the first hurdle.

ISM scored impressively with 73 students making it to the impeccable GPA (Grade Point Average) score of 10 out of 10 with all A1 grades in all the five subjects. Students and parents were all very happy with the score scheme.

Out of the 541 students who appeared, 126 students scored A1 in English, 143 A1 in Science, 119 A1 in Mathematics, 128 A1 in Social Science, 80 A1 out of 251 in Hindi, 61 A1 out of 175 in French, six A1 out of 32 in Arabic and 25 A1 out of 83 in Malayalam.

The amazing and fascinating results were the outcome of assiduousness and abiding efforts of the students and their families coupled with the diligence of the teachers.

Credit to teachers
Toppers credited their teachers' dedication for the good showing. The ISM's time-tested study pattern, along with the students' fervent wish to succeed helped them score high marks.

The school's pledge to shine in academics proved true, looking at the scintillating results.

Principal Srinivas K. Naidu, extolling all the highfliers and their parents, noted that the outstanding grades were a pointer to the intrinsic abilities of the new generation students, both in scholastic and non-scholastic areas.

He said that when it comes to turning students into go-getters, we should carve out the wards for rank holder insight. The results will definitely be achieved when the teachers and the school put their hearts into the effort and work for it.

All the pupils were fully dedicated to put in the hard work. Their determination was part of their success story.

Achieving top Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) in all curricular subjects, they added yet another magnificent achievement to their already impressive record.

The School Management Committee President, Dr Avirat Vaishnav, and the members of the SMC congratulated all the students for their unrivalled hard work, and complimented the principal Senior Section Vice-Principal Deep Wilson, Senior Section Asst. Vice Principal Geeta Chauhan, heads of departments and the senior section teachers for their commitment.

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