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CBSE Board results: Wadi Kabir students achieve 100 per cent result
May 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Indian School Wadi Kabir students excelled in the CBSE class X Board Examinations 2014 with all 343 students being successful, thus achieving a 100 per cent result in keeping with the school's proud and usual record over the years.

Of the toppers, 25 students scored a perfect CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) score of 10 out of 10 with A1 grades in all the five subjects.  Thirty-seven per cent of the total students scored 90 per cent and above. Students, parents and teachers were jubilant at the excellent performance of the school.

The toppers are Abhishek Karanath, Amrita S. Nair, Anna Vinay Xavier, Anubhav Dasgupta, Anusha Sasidharan, Ashwin Titus, Juveriya Firoz Ansari, Kezia Elizabeth Johnson, Kishore Kumar, Mathirush S. Pillai, Merin Rachel Varghese,  Mohit Motwani, Nikita Davies, Pranav Pramod, Sabera Ismail, Sanjai Shine,  Santhra Ann Saji, Shivani Varma, Shraddha Venkitaraman, Siddhant Chandra Mouli, Sruthi Mary Sanil, Tayyaba Shaikh, Urvi  Ajit Dhruva ,Uthara Muralidhar and  Vishal Udandarao.

Subject-wise performances are as follows:  
Out of 343 students, 62 scored A1 in English, 60 A1 in Science, 51 A1 in Mathematics, 41 A1 in Social Science, 33 A1 out of 225 in Hindi, 21 A1 out of 48 in French and 36 A1out of 72 in Malayalam.
The impressive results were the outcome of diligence and commitment of the students along with untiring efforts of the teachers. The members of the School Management Committee, principal and staff congratulated all the students and parents on their success.

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