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Bike adventurer Alex selfies crossing 6,000km in 36 countries including Oman, go viral online
May 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Around 600 selfie videos shot in 600 days by Alex Chacon, the motorcycle adventure rider travelling around the world, crossing 6,000km in 36 countries including Oman, have gone viral online. – Supplied picture

Muscat: Shooting selfies has become a crazy fashion among smartphone users, a temptation that even the US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron couldn't resist.

While most of the selfies get buried on the timelines of social networking websites in a few days or hours, 600 selfie videos shot in 600 days by Alex Chacon, the motorcycle adventure rider riding around the world, crossing 6,000km in 36 countries including Oman, are going viral online.

The ultimate selfie compilation shot (http://www.modernmotodiaries.com/#!around-the-world-in-360-degrees/c18h4) with a GoPro camera like never before in a 360° rotation in every major site and exotic place crossing 75+ borders has been viewed more 4,946,895 times in 12 days.

"I was in Oman for 45 days on a motorbike to capture the exotic locations in Oman (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJjIBKu6N4w). The majestic and culturally unique country of Oman right in the heart of the Middle East chose me. I travelled with a KTM 990 through some of the most remote villages and off roads Oman," Alex, who is also a photographer, video producer and motivational speaker from Texas, wrote to the Times of Oman in an e-mail interview. "Oman has epic scenery and amazingly friendly people," he added.

Incredible video
The incredible video, which is less than three minutes long, highlights his time underwater, forging through the jungle, on mountaintops, in deserts, riding by boat, riding by bus and of course, taking selfies with lions.

"It took me three years to film and five months to edit this three minute video for the end product you are about to see. I've never seen a video like this before and dare to say it's the first of its kind. A truly innovative and epic film to watch," the adventurer posted on his Facebook while thanking everyone who was a part of his video.

"Either if you were in it or even just gave me a place to sleep in or around these amazing places during my travels, my experience would have never been the same without you or this video possible," he adds.

Alex had earlier completed a 503-day solo journey on a motorcycle. In that trip, he rode 82,459 miles across 22 countries in both North and South America (http://www.modernmotodiaries.com/#!the-modern-motorcycle-diaries-film/c1z5y). In that trip also, Alex had captured photos and videos throughout in order to document his experience.

Exploring the world
The journey started shortly after Alex graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in biomedical sciences. Prior to starting his graduate school studies, he decided to follow through with his long time dream of exploring the world adventurously while supporting a worthy cause.

Starting from his home in El Paso, Texas, Alex rode south until he hit Ushuaia, Argentina, the 'End of the World'. He then rode up to Brazil, then all the way up the Americas to Alaska before finally riding home to Texas.

Ambitious journey
Alex had to sell everything he had prior to embarking on this ambitious journey — one that was inspired by Che Guevara's The Motorcycle Diaries — and used the trip to raise awareness and money for the charity Children of Uganda. To raise money, he worked for two months, sold his car, sold his clothes, gave blood, and took every opportunity he could find to make and save money.

As his story began spreading on the Internet, fans became donors and contributed food, money, and gas. Even the bike company Kawasaki contributed $1,000 towards a new bike, and GoPro joined in as a contributor as well.

Alex is supporting children in Uganda from the money he has earned from his epic journeys.

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