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Reduce your stress through yoga
May 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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A post graduate in yoga therapy, Madhumathi Nandakishore is now busy shuttling between Oman and India relieving people of different ailments. In an interview with Nishad Padiyarath, the popular instructor  says yoga is the biggest respite to stress

Our lifestyle is becoming more sedentary and stress has begun to play mayhem with the body. Chronic stress affects the body and it can lead to a plethora of ailments such as back-aches, sleep disorders, migraine, shoulder and neck aches.

As our hectic work schedule leaves us with little time or no time for exercise, stress begins to take its toll on our lives. To avoid such issues that frequently bog us down, yoga is the best cure and the biggest respite, according to a popular yoga instructor in town.

Speaking to Thursday in an interview, Madhumathi Nandakishore, Yoga Therapy instructor in Muscat said she gets calls from people with multiple problems. "Many people approach me with multiple problems. These problems are just symptoms of stress, which, if not addressed on time, can lead to major health disorders," Madhumathi said.
Yoga, according to Madhumathi has been identified as the best solution for all stress-related problems. "Scientifically we can address the disease alone but not the primary problem. Often, medicines for a disease may have other side-effects and the ailment may not be cures," she said. "A patient complaining of a headache is often prescribed with a painkiller, which only gives him a temporary relief but it may be beyond that. Mostly stress is the cause for the uneasiness and it is often ignored," she pointed out. 

A post graduate in yoga therapy, Madhumathi is now busy shuttling between Oman and India relieving people of different ailments. In Kerala, where she hails from, Madhumathi has now become a household name as she is training a number of students in yoga. "My students are my biggest assets and I now travel quite often to Kerala to conduct classes," she said with a smile. Besides conducting workshops for the interested, she also had a session for the inmates of Kannur Central Prison and another one for police men. "That was quite a challenging experience because you get to meet people from different backgrounds. It was tough but interesting. My aim is to conduct yoga sessions in all the prisons in Kerala," she informed. 

Yoga came into Madhumathi's life by chance. Accountancy was her subject but college chairperson was more interested in dance and cooking. She was trained in Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kuchipudi but art took a back seat when she moved from Kannur to Delhi after her marriage. Life took an exciting turn again after she moved to Vizag where she persuaded yoga and thereafter there was no looking back for her. "I had several health problems and it all disappeared when I started practicing yoga," she said. 

Madhumathi said that kids needs to be trained in yoga early in order to develop skills to manage stress, relax, and improve concentration and self-esteem. "Physically, children are already flexible so it helps them to maintain that flexibility that they already have; it helps them get stronger and have healthier bodies," she noted. 

Madhumathi advocates yoga for children with attention deficit issues or who are on the autism spectrum. "It helps to develop a longer attention span. I am conducting classes in many schools here on this," she said.  A key component to yoga is the breathing. Madhumathi teaches her students to take deep breaths as a pause button before reacting to something. "It is a problem-solving tool for children, helping them think clearly in a stressful situation," she noted.

"Looking back it was a fascinating journey for me. My family has been a great support. My husband Nandakishore and daughter Sharanya has been the pillar of strength. I have miles to go and have great plans for developing this art (yoga) here and in India," she added. 

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