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YouTube sensation Adam Saleh gets rousing reception in Oman
May 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Adam Saleh attended a specially arranged meet-and-greet session at Muscat Grand Mall, on Friday. –Supplied picture

Muscat: YouTube sensation Adam Saleh received a rousing welcome from his fans in Oman as he met them at a specially arranged meet-and-greet session at Muscat Grand Mall on Friday.

An overwhelmed Adam Saleh said, "Loved the people in Oman and loved their energy and kindness. Oman will always be in my heart. I won't ever forget Oman."

He added, "This meet and greet was the craziest one I've had yet. This was my first time being mobbed and I had to be escorted out by security. I was touched by the response of the fans."

New York-based Adam Saleh, along with his friend Sheikh Akbar, runs a vlog on YouTube called TrueStoryASA to promote positivity about Muslims.

Their videos — Meet a Muslim, Make the Homeless Smile, Meet A Muslim Person, among others, have been hugely popular getting as many as 1,466,881 views.

Amazing journey
In an e-mail interview with the Times of Oman, Adam Saleh explained his journey: "I started on YouTube on January 1, 2012. The journey has been amazing. A lot of ups and downs but our supporters never fail to amaze us. We started doing videos for fun, and still do but now we do it to brighten up people's days and spread positivity in the world as Muslims in America."

Beautiful country
Talking about how his trip to Oman materialised, he said, "The fans (my Adoomies) are the ones who brought me to Oman. They've been tweeting me and messaging me to come to Oman. So I decided to see if I can set a meet and greet in Oman and it was confirmed within minutes. I also wanted to visit the city because I heard it was a beautiful country to visit."

Adam, who is of Yemeni origin, said, "When I was younger, I would always look at the map and see that Oman is next to the country that I am from. Then I googled Oman and saw how beautiful it looks. I always wanted to visit Oman in person."

Adam plans to become an actor and entertainer. "I just signed with Ampli-Truth productions and we are working on our First TV show and we will feature in our first movie this fall of 2014 with Omar Regan," he explained.  

He promised that this would not end up being his last visit to Oman. "Hopefully, I'll come again soon and then I plan to hold an event," he added.

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