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Indian mechanic in Oman builds automatic cradle to end moms' worries
May 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
As of now, Rajesh Madhavan has made the cradle using metal but plans to make it using fibre, which will be cost effective. Photo - Shabin E./TIMES OF OMAN

Muscat: Busy moms worried over swinging around their child in an ordinary cradle can heave a sigh of relief soon as an automobile mechanic in Muscat finishes designing a cradle which will swing automatically, put the baby to sleep and also sense the movements of the infant.

Rajesh Madhavan, an Indian automobile mechanic working with Ray International, has designed an auto cradle which can swing automatically according to the preset timings and sense baby's movements.

"Many a times, I have seen busy mothers worried over swinging the cradle manually. It made me think about designing an automatic cradle for them.

"As I am an automobile mechanic, I had some idea about the machine movements, power needed and all. But, then again, I had to read a lot online and discuss with my friends to make one. Finally, after five years of research and discussions, I have made one," Rajesh told the Times of Oman.

According to Rajesh, his automatic cradle will only consume as much power as required by a fan. "It would be quite convenient for mothers. As it has a sound sensor, it will start swinging automatically when the child wakes up in the middle of his sleep," Rajesh added.

As of now, Rajesh has made the cradle using metal but plans to make it using fibre, which will be cost effective.

"I have plans to make it more fashionable also. I am working on designs to make it more comfortable and attractive for kids. There will be more facilities in the new ones," Rajesh added.

"Some of the parts I bought from India and the rest I purchased here. I shelled out nearly OMR70 to make this one," Rajesh added.

Rajesh received good cooperation from his colleagues. Many in different sections and among the office staff also helped him in making the cradle.

"It was a surprise to see that Rajesh has developed an automatic cradle. We are proud of him. We were supporting him and will continue to do the same in future," Khadija Al Shaqsi, the human resources manager at SPI, which Ray comes under, said.

"We are now studying how to take Rajesh's project ahead in the market. We hope it will be done," Khadija added. Rajesh, who hails from the south Indian state of Kerala, has been working in Oman for the last four years.

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