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Kochadaiiyaan: A courageous step but just not a leap
May 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: 'Kochadaiiyaan' is Kollywood's first animated 3D motion capture film directed by Soundarya R Ashwin and written by K S Ravikumar. 'Kochadaiiyaan' means King with long mane. The film hit the screens on May 23 globally after being postponed multiple number of times due to its extensive post-production work. Rajni's Kochadaiiyaan is expected to be a leap for the film industry in India.

The movie's cast and crew involves renowned names in the industry, starring Rajnikanth himself who enjoys an iconic status in the southern part of India, followed by A R Rahman, an Oscar winning music director, Deepika Padukone, Sharathkumar, Shobana, Jackie Shroff, Nasser and many more. An added highlight to the cast is late comedian and actor Nagesh.

The characters in the movie suffer an identity crisis , one could only identify the character only by their voice. Rajnikanth and Deepika Padukone were recreated to near perfection,  Jackie and Nasser, however had some imperfections; while other characters like Sharathkumar, Aadi and Shobana were poorly recreated leading me to believe if their avatar did any justice at all.

The storyline of the movie revolves around a legendary warrior, 'Kochadaiiyaan' (Rajnikanth)who is noted for his courage, and a chief commander of the king's army whose growing clamour and popularity does not reasonate well with. Rishikodagan, King of Kottaipatinam. A series of events lead to the execution of the great warrior.

Kochadaiiyaan's younger son, little Rana Ranvijay, leaves Kottaipatinam and reaches Kalingpuri. Not revealing his identity,  and becomes a fearless warrior (Rajinikanth). He wins the confidence of King Mahendra Raj (Jackie Shroff) and tricks him into letting him take the armymen of Kottaipatinam, who were being treated as slaves back to where they belong.

Later, Rana Ranvijay attempts to kill King Rishikodagan of Kottaipatinam as revenge for his father's unjust execution. The climax of Kochadaiiyaan leaves little to the imagination, there is a sequel coming and I hope it is not as half baked as it was with its prequel.

K S Ravikumar binds all the scenes together with great mastery which soars in the second half. The audience does get tuned to look past the technical glitches. A good mix of bravery, jealousy, revenge and passionate leadership, presented in a manner that is time-tested is put to good use.

Kochadaiiyaan cannot be considered a milestone with its graphics and motion picture technology use, it can be considered a start!

Budget clearly plays an important role in the making of a movie and the money spent reflects in the production of the movie. Things could have been much better considering India has been doing a good amount of work with animated movies for Hollywood..

Lifeless characters, rigid movements;  in song and fight sequences, make the movie lack the human emotions that animated movies are known to evoke.I wouldn't call it an animation, I would rather call it a puppet show.

Rahman's music and background score are the saving grace for the movie. He breathes life into the movie and the songs seem to come alive with his compositions.

Rajni and Soundarya deserve a round of applause  but they also need to be told, there is much more they could do with animation, with the right studios.

However, the movie is a treat for die hard Rajni fans who see him on screen  after four years. He doesn't  disappoint his fans and the character dialogues bear all the signature style of Rajni, that fans expect to see and hear. All said and done, the movie is worth !

Kochadaiiyaan will probably leave a mark in the history of film making in India.  This is the first time that an actor of his stature has allowed himself to be the protagonist of a full length animated movie.

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