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Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances in Oman call for precautions amid incidents of fire
June 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat:  In view of the recent fire incidents in and around the city, the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) has urged the people to take strict preventive measures to safeguard their homes from fire caused due to gas cylinders.

Last week, fire incidents were reported in several places including in Mabela, Ghala, Muttrah and Musannah. In some homes, no loss of life was reported due to the timely action taken by the PACDA.

Such incidents are understood to have prompted the authority to issue warnings, and urge the people to take preventive measures.

Talking to the Times of Oman, a PACDA official said that the authority was reaching out to people to create awareness that they can help prevent such incidents. "We are reminding them about the preventive measures which are already mandatory in homes," he said.

"Gas cylinders have been the major reason of fire incidents in homes. Most of them could have been prevented if people had taken precautions," he said.

PACDA said that many fire incidents in homes were due to faulty gas cylinders and gas supply pipes. In a statement, the PACDA has said that the fire incidents which occur in homes were more painful and hurt more.

It requested the consumers to open doors and windows of the house if they smell gas, and to quickly close the source of gas.

Gas cylinders
It also urged consumers to place cylinders in a safe and open area, and where there is sufficient air flow.

Consumers should use gas pipes only from certified brands, and should switch to a reliable one immediately if they are not using one at present. It has also urged people to ensure that the washer is properly fitted.

Consumers should frequently check for leaks by applying liquid soap on the pipes and valves. If they find bubbles forming, immediate action should be taken to get them repaired, warn Civil Defence officials.

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