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Arab Open University, Oman branch develops software for diabetes risk assessment
June 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Arab Open University (AOU), Oman branch has developed intelligent software titled 'Ontology Driven Decision Support System for detection and risk assessment of diabetes and related diseases in the Sultanate of Oman,' as part of The Research Council (TRC) Open Research Grant programme.  The AOU was awarded this project worth OMR55,600 in 2012.

The main objective of the project was to develop a supporting tool for medical professionals in the Sultanate of Oman, capable of handling a range of risks related to diabetes. This was achieved by developing ontology for the symptoms and risk assessment factors of diabetes and related diseases, patient profiles and clinical guidelines for diabetes.

The study was a collaborative effort by researchers from the Arab Open University, Muscat College, Higher College of Technology and doctors from Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB). The project team includes Dr Youssef Al Takroni, Mr. Sherimon PC, Dr. Youssef Al Farsi, Dr. Youssef Al Kabi, Dr. Reshmy Krishnan and Vinu Sherimon.

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