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Plans afoot to set up $350m large refractory gold sulphide treatment plant in free zone
June 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Strategic and Precious Metals Processing (SPMP), which is building an antimony plant in Sohar, has plans to set up a large refractory gold sulphide treatment plant, with a capital expenditure of $350 million as part of its second phase expansion.

Emin Eyi, managing director of Tri-Star Resources, said that it would take a couple of years. The joint venture partners foresee the extension of their partnership to a second phase processing facility, which envisages using Tri-Star Resources' clean roasting technology to treat refractory gold sulfide concentrates.

The joint venture has the option to develop a further 76 hectares that has been earmarked for refractory gold sulphide treatment plant.

3 gold plants in Gulf
Eyi said around 30-50 per cent of gold in the ground is refractory and normal process does not work for recovering gold. "We think we can build three gold plants in the Gulf since the region is huge. Each plant will be able to produce half a million ounce of gold."

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