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Omani Lawyers Association to take up cause of debtors
June 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: A campaign to free imprisoned 'debtors' who have got into financial problems due to difficult circumstances, has been launched by the Omani Lawyers Association.

The campaign, 'Fak Kurbah' (redeeming anguish) aims at helping the release of several jailed people in cases related to 'financial irregularity.'

Speaking to Times of Oman, Moath Al Ghilani, a lawyer and a member of the association said, "This is the second year the campaign has been organised. The first time it was held in 2012. We want to help jailed debtors, and those who are likely to be sentenced to prison terms due to financial issues."

This year, the lawyers hope to close 500 files estimated to cost them around OMR500,000. Al Ghilani added that the first campaign resulted in the release of 44 debtors from prison. "We paid off their debts and closed their case files," he said.

Al Ghilani explained that the association decided to take up the cause because its members had come across several cases where the debtors were in financial disarray due to difficult circumstances.

The lawyer informed, "This year, the association, in cooperation with Judiciary Affairs Council at the Supreme Council of Judiciary, decided to expand the scope of the campaign to include debtors facing court cases across the Sultanate."

Two-day programme
The first campaign focused only on some governorates. He also said that the association will hold a two-day programme on legal issues at a public place to create awareness about the campaign.

"The association is keen to free as many debtors as possible," said Al Ghilani, adding that more than 15 lawyers are working on the project, and around 50 lawyers have offered voluntary services.

He added that a committee of lawyers has been formed to nominate and sort the files to be taken up by the departments.

"The association will spend a maximum amount of OMR5,000 per case after considering the humanitarian angle and its priority," he said.

"We will approach private companies, business owners and individuals in addition to the charity bodies to finance the campaign," said Al Ghilani.

He added, "We will also approach banks, private institutions, individuals and charities to contribute to the initiative."

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