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There is nothing like a mother’s love
June 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
For illustrative purpose only. Photo - Elizabeth Haslam via Flickr.com under Creative Commons License

Why is it that whatever our mothers cook end up as the tastiest food in the world? Why is it that being with your mother and craving for her presence is the most cherished moment? Why is it that every non-resident carries at least a bottle of pickle, made by his mother, when he returns from vacation? The answer is very simple – everything is packed with mother's love. Her love is present in everything. It is the purest, noblest and the most blissful bond!

Although it is two decades now that I am away from my mother, every visit to my hometown is filled with the thought of mother's love. The three hours of flight duration is filled with wonderful thoughts of the special efforts that my mother makes before my arrival. She would eagerly wait at the verandah with anxiety filled anticipation. Seeing me she would rush towards me with a twinkle in her eyes. While hugging me she would say, 'You look so tired. Why don't you take care of your health?' Saying this she would wipe her moistened eyes.
She would personally serve the delicacies which I liked the most.  She would have hundreds of questions to ask, several matters to share and many stories to tell. Days would just pass by and soon it would be time to say bye to her. She would not sleep that night.  Before I would leave she would come nearer and say, "I have not yet seen you to my heart's content and you are leaving before that". She would then tearfully bid adieu to me asking me, "when will you come again to see me?". That question would always give a wince of pain and I would always struggle to control my tears.  

But the recent trip to my hometown was different. Of late, my mother has not been keeping well and time and age have appeared to work on her memory too. She is having occasional memory lapses. So I decided to visit her without any delay and was sure that she would be fine the moment she sees me. This was my fervent hope.

But what happened was very different. She wasn't waiting for me at the verandah  as I got down from the car.  She was quietly sitting at the courtyard. "Didn't she see me?"  I asked myself in doubt. I went towards her and hugged her but she did not reciprocate. "I have come," I said feebly. She  looked at me coldly and asked "when did you come"?  During my stay, she did not offer me water, juice, tea, cashew nuts, tender coconuts, jack fruit and food as she used to do. On the contrary, there was a complete role reversal. I gave her medicine on time, monitored her food, sleep and health conditions.
She neither asked anything nor came to talk to me. I kept on asking her questions, to which she either refused to answer or just kept quiet.

The most painful part was when it was time for me to leave. This time, she did not come near the vehicle. Instead  she stood in the courtyard. When I waved her there was  an indifferent look. No tears, no questions...  It was such a heart wrenching moment.

As they say, we realise the value of something only when we miss it. Till then we take things for granted. When it comes to mother's love, nothing on earth can compensate it. There is no substitute. She is God's gift.  For the mother, her son is always a kid. And for every child, the most comforting, consoling and secured place to rest his head on his mother's lap. Every child wants to own it and I too crave for it!

You don't need to have any special day to celebrate, feel and enjoy the bliss of mother's love. She is mother for all the seasons. Enjoy every moment of it now, for tomorrow is not in our hands!  

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