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Majlis panel discusses traffic laws in Oman concerning modification of vehicles
June 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Illustrative purpose only. Image: Flickr/Creative commons

Muscat: The legal and judicial committee of the Majlis Al Shura discussed a proposal of amendments in the traffic rules at a meeting on Sunday, said a statement of the Majlis Al Shura.

The Article 4 of the traffic rules was discussed prominently at the meeting which talks about inadmissibility of changes in the use of the vehicles, its bases, replacement of the engines, structures, colours or any substantial part, without any prior permission.

It is mandatory for the owner of the vehicles to inform the administration in writing within 10 days of these changes or replacements made in the vehicles so that their technical aspect inspects them to ensure that they are as per the technical standards in terms of durability and safety.

This is the responsibility of the administration to cancel the license if it did not find fit, it says. These proposals for amendments are scheduled to be presented during the regular session of the Consultative Council for discussion and approval on Monday.

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