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Residents call for lifeguards, warning signs at the beaches in Oman
June 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: With yet another case of drowning taking place at a public beach in Muscat last week, residents are demanding posting of lifeguards at the beaches.

They have urged the authorities to put up  warning signs at the beaches. Beach goers also suggested certain safe practices for ensuring safety at the Sultanate's beaches.

"It is the time to start training your children how to swim as the Sultanate's beaches have been witnessing many cases of drowning," said Rashid Khlafan, working in the government sector.

He added that some families find it necessary and others think it is a waste of time and money. "I think training in swimming is important for those who prefer to spend some time at beaches," said Rashid.  He added that swimming is an important skill that children and adults require for the rest of their lives. Hussein Al Rahbi, working in the private sector, said the blame lies mostly with parents. "Parents should insist that their children undergo good swimming training," said Al Rahbi.

Learn swimming
He added that children cannot decide themselves about learning swimming skills. "Parents who spend time at the beaches must take it seriously and start the training," said Al Rahbi.

As most of the beaches lack warning signs, Haroun Al Hassni, an individual diving trainer, called upon the authorities concerned to display the warning signs at the beaches, especially in stretches that see heavy rush of families. "Such signs must be displayed prominently at public beaches," said Al Hasni.

Beach security plans
"Although there should be awareness campaigns to warn people about the dangers of swimming at the beach, our public beaches need more lifeguards," said Fawaz Al Farsi, a college student.

He added that he and his friends have rescued many children from drowning. "Fortunately, we were there when two children were about to drown at a beach," said Fawaz.

"The authority concerned must post lifeguards at public beaches," demanded Fawaz.

He added that this will help create job opportunities for youth, especially local people.

"Some beaches require more than one lifeguard, especially near places where people prefer swimming," said Al Farsi.

The authorities should train lifeguards and post them at some distances along the public beaches in shift duties, he added. "This will promote tourism in the Sultanate in the future," Al Farsi said.

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