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Three survivors of Salmah accident in Oman battling for life
June 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: The three survivors of the road accident that took place in Salmah, 160km from Muscat, on Tuesday are still battling for their lives at the Khoula Hospital. They all sustained severe injuries, mostly in the head.

The accident occurred while the driver was about to park near the edge of the road but the vehicle slid down the mountain when the dusty zigzag road shoulder crumbled, according to Ali Al Gadani, a resident of Salma.

The six deceased were buried on Tuesday evening.

The pitiable condition of the road makes it hard to drive, and in many sections of the 20-km-long road stretch, shoulders and roadside protections are missing.

All the survivors belong to the same family and were on their way to Mutaab area of the wilayat of Quriyat to spend some time at their farm, harvest dates and some other crops, Ali said.

The residents of Salma have long been beseeching the authorities, filing hundreds of requests, urging them to pave the road but to no avail.

The village residents who witnessed the accident said road accidents had been happening earlier too because of the sharp curves and dust on the tracks but this one turned out to be much more severe.

Five persons had died on the spot and one had succumbed to his injuries later. The injured persons and the bodies of the dead were transferred to Quriyat and Khoula hospitals.

The vehicle carrying nine persons, three women and six men, from Fins village in the wilayat of Quriyat was heading from Salmah area to Fins when it fell into a wadi and caught fire.

Six of the nine persons travelling in the pickup vehicle, were seated in its tailgate.

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