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Lulu workers launch stir in Oman
June 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
View of a Lulu hypermarket in Darsait, Muscat. Photo - Senia L via Flickr under Creative Commons License

Muscat: Omanis working at Wadi Kabir Lulu are on strike, calling for bonuses, better salaries and other facilities, amid reports that other outlets have also been affected.

The strikes started on Thursday, and yesterday, staff at the branch spoke to the Times
of Oman.

"We need bonuses and a better payment package. We submitted our request in January 2014, but so far, they have not responded positively. So, we started our strike. It will go on indefinitely until (the problem is) resolved. Even in the Holy Month of Ramadan, we will go ahead with the strike if our demands are not met," national employees striking in Wadi Kabir Lulu told Times of Oman. "We feel dejected," the striking workers said, adding that they are in touch with government authorities regarding their demands.

The employees taking action have occupied cash counters as part of the strike, leaving only two open at the Wadi Kabir outlet.

"We left the two counters open so as not to hinder the business," they added. Workers have raised "on strike" placards and have also pinned badges on their clothes that read: "We are on strike for our rights."

Meanwhile, a top official in charge of Lulu's operations in Oman has not responded to repeated phone calls and text messages from the Times of Oman seeking a comment on their side of the issue.

On their part, consumers have stated that the strike has affected them. "As only a few counters are open, we have to stand in long queues to complete our purchases," the buyers said.

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