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Oman's Majlis Al Shura okays affordable housing study
June 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: The study of a plan to construct affordable housing units for Omani citizens has been approved by Majlis Al Shura, according a member of the Majlis.

"Once the project is approved by the government, it will increase the chances for Omani youths to have their own flats," said the member, while adding that the project will have to be discussed with authorities, including those at the ministry of Housing and Muscat Municipality.

"The idea is to build residential complexes and offer them to citizens at a price to cover the construction costs," said the member.

Those who seek to pay in instalments, must pay 3 per cent interest, as charged by the Oman Housing Bank, he added. "The project will also make it easier for those who are ready to pay in cash, as the interest percentage in this case would be zero," said the member.

The Majlis member said: "I have discussed the project with the Ministry of Housing and they said it would be studied first before any decision is taken."

Housing proposal
Ali Abdullah, working in the private sector, welcomed the Majlis Shura proposal. "Such a move will help Omani youths to settle their lives," said Ali, adding that Omani young people find the cost of living difficult to meet, especially when finding homes and flats to live in so they might get married.

"The move will enable them to get rid of one burden and focus on the other one," said Ali, adding thousands of Omani men, finding it difficult to meet the annual increasing cost of housing and weddings, are now waiting for the General Marriage Fund to become available.

During the session, the Majlis Al Shura approved its draft budget for 2015, which was raised by the Assistant Secretariat-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and was presented by the Majlis Al Shura's Economic and Financial Committee.

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