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Underground bins to keep Muscat cleaner
July 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The municipality has also decided to enhance the daily waste collection drive. Residents would need to dump waste in public bins between 4pm and 12 midnight.– Shabin E/TIMES OF OMAN

Muscat: The public would no more need to walk past open waste bins as a company entrusted by the Muscat Municipality has started to install underground waste bins in the Central Banking District (CBD) area and the Muttrah Business District (MBD) in what is a testing phase.

"Already they have started to instal underground waste bins in CBD and MBD areas for a testing phase. After studying its functionality, the plan will be extended to other areas," Salim Al Ghamari, a Muscat Municipal Council member, told the Times of Oman.

At present, there are four underground waste bins fixed in CBD area and one in MBD area.

"The Muscat Municipality's aim is to keep the city clean. The underground waste collection bins will save it from mosquitoes and unpleasant odours. Moreover, it will give Muscat a pleasant and beautiful image," Salim added.

Almost all the developed countries have installed underground waste bins in the cities to keep them green and clean. Refuse has to be deposited in the receiver unit at the street level and it goes straight into a container encased in metal frame and sunk inside a concrete sleeve. The garbage collection vehicles will empty the containers everyday using hydraulic lifts.

Easy to use
Even children, adults and people with physical disabilities will be able to easily run the units.

"It is easy to operate the dumping bins. Users have to open the drum and put refuse directly into the properly covered, elevated receiver drums. They should not worry about the capacity as each unit consists of four containers," an official of the company, which executes the project for the municipality, said earlier.

According to the company official, the first phase focuses on replacing all the over ground bins with the new ones, while the second phase will look into the recycling aspect.

Meanwhile, the municipality has intensified its drive to do away with waste bins from public places. Officials claim that the campaign, which began in Azaiba and Mawelah in December 2012, has gained further momentum with the active participation of residents.

Residents have been asked to keep the 120-litre properly-covered, green bins inside their homes, and take these out of their homes before 5am every day. The plan has worked well, and by the end of 2013, the number of houses covered rose to 3,000 and the municipality aims to add 2,500 more homes by the end of 2014. Moreover, the municipality officials have also decided to enhance the daily waste collection drive. According to new directions, residents should dump the waste in public bins between 4pm and 12 midnight, which will be cleared by 7am the next day.

The initiative aims to keep bins empty during the day, which eventually will keep flies, cats and dogs away from the dumpsters.

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