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Unauthorised foodstuff vendors in Muscat face civic action
July 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The municipality has urged people to be careful while buying anything from vendors. — A. R. Rajkumar/TIMES OF OMAN

Muscat: In view of a sudden spurt in the number of unidentified and unauthorised foodstuff vendors in various parts of the city as Ramadan has begun, Muscat Municipality has warned people against purchasing any food items from them.

Muscat Municipality has reached out to people through social media, urging them to desist from purchasing any food items, particularly those displayed in the open, from these vendors.

With the Ramadan beginning, vendors selling various kinds of foods and drinks were spotted by the Muscat Municipality in public places, particularly in parks, along the beaches, and at the entrance and exits of super markets and showrooms in shopping areas.

These vendors actually target those who spend a couple of hours from their busy schedule, relaxing with their families.

They come with their women and children to these places after Iftar or dinner. Among other items, vendors also sell branded food items and drinks.

The Muscat Municipality has urged people to be very careful while buying anything from such vendors. If they sell branded items, "always read the manufacturing and expiry dates and other descriptions of the food items before purchasing them," it said.

The Muscat Municipality has urged people to "avoid purchasing food items in bulk as these would remain available in the market."

While storing food items, people should keep previously purchased items at the front of the storage facilities so that these are used before the items purchased later, the Muscat Municipality advised.

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