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Serve And Inspire Group conducts 40 workshops on human values
July 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Serve And Inspire (SAI) Group has successfully completed the 40 Workshop series on the topic 'Integration of Human Values in Teaching', based upon the principles of Sri Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV), for teachers in various schools in Oman.

Starting in the 40th year of blessed Renaissance in 2011, the SAI Group has been conducting these workshops on a voluntary basis for different schools, including private, international and Omani Arabic Schools in Muscat, and also in Sohar, Nizwa, Salalah, Buraimi, Sur, Musannah and Muladha.

The 40th workshop was held at Sri Lankan School, Muscat, where more than 50 teachers participated. Somabandhu Kodikara, principal, lauded the efforts of the SAI Group in choosing teachers as the main instruments for taking forward the message of human values to the student community and opined that such workshops should become an annual feature in every school, as it helps teachers to reach the hearts of the students under their care.          

Dr Madiha Al Shibaniyah, the Minister of Education, inaugurated this workshop series in September 2011 at MOE Auditorium where the principals, teachers, senior MOE officials and educators were present.

Nimesh Pandya and Sanjay Sahani, leading speakers on 'SSEHV Programme' from India, offered their insights at this inaugural function and emphasised that while academic education is for the mind, value education is for the heart, and when a student is groomed with both, he emerges as a good citizen, manifesting values in his life journey.   

Each workshop is some four hours in length, and offers an insight into the need of value education under the current scenario, the role of teachers in inculcation of values in the young minds, the effective teaching techniques and also sets forth an orientation as to how values can be integrated while teaching, be it language, mathematics, science or Information Technology.

The teachers in all the schools where the workshops were conducted participated, and through their presentations on a given theme demonstrated that the efforts towards value integration in a classroom atmosphere can be made much more enjoyable and purposeful and, at the same time, can fill their hearts with satisfaction in embedding the life of students with 'values'.

It is mentioned that the parents, teachers and administrators of education represent the three sides of a triangle, and their focus is on its central core, the children. Every endeavour is being made by them to bring out the best from children, in terms of knowledge, skills and talents. Leading a value based life is all that is required to be implanted in the child's heart. Towards this, teachers serve as the best resource, as they could very well strengthen the ideas of values in the minds of the children, while dealing with academic subjects.

These types of workshops reinforce the wise words, 'The End of Education is Character' and that 'Education is for life and not for mere living'.

"We consider this effort to be a unique blessing to us, as this has brought us very close to the teaching faculty of Oman. Conducting the workshop for different schools in Oman has been an enriching experience and, in fact, borne out, taking a cue from His Majesty's agenda on creating awareness on human values in society through the medium of education and we are ever grateful to the Ministry of Education for their encouragement in this endeavour," said the SAI Group Coordinator.

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