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Indian nurses get job offer in Oman
July 7, 2014 | 12:00 AM
An Indian nurse who was among those stranded in Iraq, is greeted by relatives after arriving at Kochi airport in the southern state of Kerala. –AFP

Muscat: Forty-six nurses who were trapped in Iraq for a month before they managed to return to India have been offered jobs in Oman.

The nurses were working in a state-run hospital in the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit when ISIS launched their lightning offensive last month. The nurses were rescued through a combination of diplomatic initiatives and intelligence operations. They returned to India and were welcomed home by relatives on Saturday.

Dr Ramachandran, chairman of Atlas Jewellery and Group, announced that all 46 nurses who returned from Iraq are welcome to work at hospitals owned by Atlas Group in Oman. "We are extremely happy to offer them jobs at this critical juncture. I am very happy to help those who faced such hardship," he added.

The Atlas Group owns and runs two hospitals in Oman. "I lost everything in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Yet, Atlas regained its full glory. So I really empathise with them (nurses). It's a huge relief for me that they are back home and safe," Dr Ramachandran said.

To work in Oman, the nurses need to pass a written exam which they can take in India.

"They also need to pass an oral examination in Muscat conducted by the Ministry of Health. Atlas will cover the exam fees as well as the initial airfare cost to Muscat. Upon passing both exams and found eligible to work in Oman, the nurses will be absorbed in our hospitals.

The HR department of our hospitals will do everything possible to help them and we expect that within a month or two, they will be back on their feet," he said.

Atlas Healthcare, founded in 2004, is one of the region's leading health care providers, serving people across the Sultanate of Oman. It comprises two state-of-the-art centres — one in Al Ghubra and the other in Ruwi — that offer complete medical services in Oman.

Atlas offers an extensive range of lifelong, high-quality, affordable and compassionate health care programme, easy access to doctors, and a wide variety of specialities.

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