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Oman Rail calls for Omanis, not international giants, to build national network
July 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: A clarion call to Omanis to help build the Sultanate's national railway network has been issued by officials heading up the vital project.

Oman Rail has announced new procurement opportunities for all vendors to contribute to the development of a strategic national railway that will transform the transportation landscape of the country.

With the motto 'Our aspiration is to keep every rial spent on the project within Oman', the company has invited all vendors to register their interest.

According to an official at Oman Rail, registration is open for all Omani companies and businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which are particularly encouraged to register.

"The idea is to maximise the local procurement of services and products and utilise the potential of Omani enterprises as much as possible," the official told Times of Oman. Usually, international companies are mainly involved in such projects but this time Oman Rail wants to create as many opportunities as possible for local companies as well, he noted.

Meanwhile, an official at the Ministry of Transport and Communications told the Times of Oman, "This effort is part of our commitment to make sure that the railway project starts and is completed in time by inviting registration and tenders well before time."

According to Oman Rail's website, registration is open for all vendors that can provide products and services for any part of the rail value chain, from construction to operations and maintenance, regardless of size.

Registration should be completed through the company's online portal, which can be accessed at www.omanrail.om/vendors and involves submission of basic company information.

Rail project
All vendors who successfully meet the registration criteria for offering a relevant product or service will automatically be invited to participate in the pre-qualification process.

The pre-qualification process will predominantly take place online, with potential for follow-up site visits. Only vendors who have completed the pre-qualification process will be eligible to supply for Oman Rail.

Oman Rail is the developer and operator of Oman's national railway project, and the railway is strategically one of the most important projects. By providing a cost-effective, faster, safer and more reliable transportation system, Oman Rail will facilitate the economic and social development of Oman.

The rail will create significant job opportunities, connect economic development centres, and open up new trade corridors. Oman Rail is about to embark on the major construction phase of the railway, including the laying of 2,244km of track, the construction of 35km of tunnels and 40km of bridges, and the building of 50 terminals and eight marshalling yards. In total, this will require 12,000km of track, 10 million concrete sleepers and 40 million fasteners.

According to the company's website, at this time, Oman Rail is particularly targeting vendors in the following industries: engineering services, contracting, building materials, railways track materials, railway equipment and professional services.

Technical details of the project are as follows: total length of 2,244km, divided into nine segments spanning from the Yemeni border in the south to the UAE border in the north, double non-electrified track, mixed freight and passenger traffic, maximum speed of 120km/h for freight trains and 220km/h for passenger trains, and maximum permissible axle load: 32.4 tonnes.

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