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Punching Bag: Do you think the new bins installed in the city will serve their purpose?
July 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photo - Hi Weekly

The new bins installed will serve the purpose if the people are educated about them. While it is a welcome move, it would have been better, had the introduction of these bins been done after a campaign about the introduction of such bins for collection of different types of wastes segregated. It is high time everyone realised that waste is a misplaced resource. Waste when segregated can be utilised or re-used for the benefit of the people and the environment. People are cooperating with the municipality in the efforts to keep Muscat clean and any such good measures to keep the city clean and also make use of the waste would certainly be appreciated. 
D. Venugopal, Darsait

I do not think that the bins installed will serve their purpose because habits do not change.. There are a lot of people who throw their trash on the ground near the bins rather than in it and by seeing that there is a new bin there, people are not going to change their ways and do the right thing, Barely 10-11 people will think and realise their mistake. 
Sona Anna Saji, Muscat

We are all together supposed to make this implementation a big success .The first responses are very positive, so it is going to serve the purpose. All should understand the health benefits as we will be  safe from contamination. After all, it s our duty to keep the city  clean and neat. We all should approach this move with a very positive attitude.
Samdevusaju, Muscat

It is good that trash bins are installed all over the city. But what about the mind set of people? They throw unwanted items wherever they feel like. I have seen many a times that owners of expensive cars throwing empty packets out of the window on the street. Ladies beautify themselves after workout at a gym but throw their towels on the floor & wipe their feet on it. Forget about their hair all over the place. I've seen neighbours throwing their trash near the fire exit staircase & cats scatter it. Who will teach all these people not to throw things here and there. I did not mention most of the beaches where there are pathetic conditions.
Deepanwita Biswas, Muscat

Congratulations to Muscat Municipality for starting this pilot project. By all means, it will give the streets a cleaner, hygienic and smarter look. The problem of waste spillage, stray cats & dogs around and the foul smell will now be the story of past. Unlike the overground traditional bins, this unit will not serve as a breeding ground for cockroaches house flies etc. The passers by would no more be in need to clamp their noses and hold their breath while passing through these bins. Never the less, the cute look of these bins will give a smarter look to the streets as well. But it is unfortunate for the stray dogs and cats, as they would have to starve, or move to other places once this is implemented all over the city.
Mohammad Osama Rawat, Ruwi

The new bins, as shown by Hi seem to look very neat and clean. I suppose, they are not yet ready for use as the bins will be fitted with handles for users to open and chuck their trash in. The question is: will citizens be inclined to touch these handles of street bins to put their  trash in? It is common sense that these bins will be dirty and full of germs due to careless users who might dump their waste carelessly, soiling the handles. So, who would want to touch these handles. The option would be to leave the trash beside the bin, and that will create a very bad sight.
Bimla Chakraborty, Al  Khuwair

Such bins are okay at malls for people to put cola cans, waste paper or food pouches in different sections. It is not practical for dumping daily waste from homes/shops.

Philip Quadros, Al Ghubra


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