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Ministry boosts fish supply to meet Ramadan demand
July 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: In view of the increased demand for fish and soaring prices, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is making all out efforts to push more fish in the markets of various governorates of the country as Ramadan reaches the halfway mark. However, discrepancy in the prices of fish is noticed in various markets.

Additional supply of fresh and frozen fish was made to almost 30 markets of various governorates of the country by the end of the second week of Ramadan, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
The ministry has said that trucks are transporting fish from Wilayat Suwaiq, Khaboora, Sohar in North Bathina governorate and Wilayat Seeb in Muscat governorate, Wilayat Rustaq in South Bathina governorate and Wilayat Nizwa in Al Dakhiliya governorate.

Yesterday, the ministry's trucks transported fish to Al Khoud market in Wilayat Seeb of Muscat governorate, market of Wilayat Bahla and Al Marda market of Wilayat Semayil and Qala'a Al Awamir bin Wilayat Izki in Al Dakhiliya governorate, and the market of Wilayat Shinas in north Al Bathina.

On Friday, a large quantity of fish was supplied to Mabela market in Wilayat Seeb of Muscat governorate, Al Tharmad in Wilayat Al Suwaiq in North Al Bathina governorate, Wilayat Barka and Wilayat Rustaq in North Al Bathina governorate.

On Thursday, trucks reached Bani Defa souq in Wilayat Mudhaibai in North Sharqiya governorate and Wilayat Bani Bu Ali in South Sharqiya governorate, Wilayat Seeb and Wilayat Quryat in Muscat governorate, Al Darez in Wilayat Ibri and Wilayat Dhanak in Al Dhahira governorate, Minh and Adam in Al Dakhliya governorate and Khabura in North Al Bathina governorate with additional supply of fish.

However, the price of various fish in different markets of the country varies. According to the government price index, the cost of one kilo of fresh Yellowfin Tuna is OMR3 in North Bathina governorate. In Dhahira governorate, the price of Yellowfin Tuna is OMR3.5 per kilo. In the Seeb market in Muscat, it is OMR2 and in Rustaq, it is OMR 2.3 per kilo.

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