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42 per cent Omani job seekers willing to set up own business
July 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Around 42 per cent of Omani job seekers are willing to establish their own businesses, and projects, while the number came down to 28 per cent among higher education students, the results of a survey show.

Coinciding with the World Population Day,  observed on July 11 every year, came the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) results of 'Omani youth orientations' survey as part of the year's theme of 'investing in youth'. 

The NCSI conducted the survey last month for a better understanding of the Omani youth orientation in the job market.

The survey comprised a sample of three categories of Omani youth, namely higher education students, job seekers and employees of different sectors.

The results also showed that Omani youth do not prefer working in the private sector as only 4.5 per cent job seekers were willing to work in private sector compared to 32 per cent of higher education students. The survey also included the salary range of youths working in different sectors. The results revealed that the average salary received by youths working in the private sector was about OMR500 against OMR800 for those in government service. The disparity was negligible for university degree holders with the average salary received being about OMR900 in both the sectors.

75 per cent are satisfied with jobs
With regard to job satisfaction, the results showed that 75 per cent of employees are satisfied with their jobs. Dissatisfaction was mainly among the employees in the private sector. In general, female employees are more satisfied in their jobs compared to male employees.

It was also noted that the factors that higher education students were looking for while choosing the job were primarily job stability and acquiring more skills and experience.

Higher education
The study included Omani youth aged between 18-29 years. The higher education students sampled included a total of 3,466 participants who participated thorough answering an online questionnaire. These were in addition to 3,000 job seekers and 1,000 employees who participated via phone calls.

This was the second survey regarding 'Omani youth orientations. The first one was conducted in 2013 during the May-June period.

Such surveys reflect the importance given to the youth, who are important to achieve the country's aim of sustainable development.

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