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Smart use of AC can result in big savings
July 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Modern air-conditioners are not manufactured just to cool, they are eco-friendly and save energy too. Bank Sohar feels consumers in Oman can save big by being smart in using their ACs and provides a few valuable tips for their benefit.

As an environmentally pro-active organisation and as part of its year-long environment conservation campaign, Bank Sohar has been providing monthly tips to raise awareness on minimising the wastage of our precious natural resources. With this goal in mind, the bank is sharing tips this month on how you can conserve energy by setting the proper temperature on your air conditioner's thermostat.

In a country like Oman where summers can be very hot, having an AC in every room is essential. However, air-conditioning units place a heavy load on energy consumption and as a result can be expensive to run. Nevertheless, there are several ways to significantly reduce energy consumption and subsequently the operational cost of air conditioners. One such method is to purchase

'Energy Star' certified ACs as advised by the bank in May. Once purchased and installed, operating them with the ideal thermostat settings can also lead to significant savings.

In the hot summer months, it is best to set your thermostat to 23 degrees or higher when you are at home. During the evenings it is advised to raise the setting to roughly 25 degrees. You'll gain savings of about 5 to 10 per cent on the operating cost of an air-conditioner for every degree or two of cooling you are willing to give up. It is also advisable to clean the filter regularly. An air-conditioning unit with dirty filters can use 5 to 10 per cent more energy.

Sharing her thoughts on the subject, Munira Abdulnabi Macki, DGM Human Resource & Corporate Support at Bank Sohar, noted, "Bank Sohar's 2014 calendar launched and distributed at the end of year 2013 was designed to create awareness to all segments of society in a creative way. It conveys short, yet effective messages to encourage people to reconsider their water and electricity consumption habits and to draw attention to the little details that can transform the way resources are consumed, for the wellbeing
of our planet.

"As we all know conservation is most critical during the summer months, especially in hot countries such as Oman, where air-conditioners make heavy demands on our power supplies. This is why paying more attention to the proper temperature settings on the thermostat can pay dividends in long term operational costs of ACs in addition to making them last longer."

During the summer season many people plan to travel; in such cases investing in a programmable thermostat can be a worthwhile investment. When travelling, it is best to set your thermostat at approximately 27 degrees. This will cause your air-conditioner to turn on only if the temperature within the home rises to levels that would cause damage to home electronics or foodstuffs stored outside of the refrigerator. These are just some of the ways in which both; energy and money can be saved with just a few easy to follow steps. Bank Sohar will continue to highlight more in the following months of the year.

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