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Iftars boost bonds of brotherhood across Oman during the holy month of Ramadan
July 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Iftar tents in various wilayats are providing Iftar meals to travellers, mostly donated by local people. – Shabin E./TIMES OF OMAN

Muscat: Thousands of iftar projects have mushroomed nationwide during the holy month   of Ramadan, once again underlining the correlation between Islam and spiritual bonds.

All these Iftar projects are funded by various charity associations, voluntary teams and Omani nationals.
Charity associations become more active during Ramadan, providing iftar tables in many wilayats as well as at the gatherings of expatriate workers in Oman.

Such Iftar tables are provided on a regular basis in many mosques and other places where there are a lot of needy people and workers. The tradition reflects a spirit of giving during the holy month.

Naser Jamal, an Egyptian, told the Times of Oman that he feels at home in the country, particularly during Ramadan, as he shares his Iftar meal with other Omanis and expats. "I sometimes receive an invitation from Omani friends for Iftar at their residence, which makes me happy and shows the values and principles of Ramadan," said  Naser.

Many Good Samaritans are racing to donate during Ramadan, leading to more iftar tables, according to a charity association.

In Muscat, one can see an  embodiment of the religiosity when one sees citizens and expatriates meeting and eating from the same plate.

Al Rahma Charity Team representative told the Times of Oman that families can donate any leftovers and extra food to the local charities through designated places.

Special pages
Special pages devoted to donation during Ramadan on various social media network platforms have witnessed many views and hits, according to the Al Rahma Team. Many charity associations have been distributing food packages to the needy in a number of wilayats in cooperation with government institutions and voluntary teams. Moreover, Iftar tents in various wilayats are providing iftar meals to travellers, mostly donated by local people.

Ahmed Al Maamari, an Ibri resident, told the Times of Oman that he drove to Ibri last week but stopped at an Iftar tent besides the Rustaq-Ibri road.

"It was late, so I decided to stop for Iftar in Rustaq. Thanks for those donors, as this helps many commuters," he said.

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