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Being productive and sincere will be rewarded: Oman religious scholar
July 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry, Religious scholar

Muscat: The prime responsibility of a Muslim is to do good deeds which will add value to society and humankind, a religious scholar, has said.

"Muslims are considered as the agents of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on earth. And for a human being, life is very short. So, in this short span of time, he or she should do good deeds and add value to society," Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry, religious scholar and State Council member, told the Times of Oman.

"A Muslim should always toil for the progress of society he lives in," he added. Khalfan is also a recognised speaker, coach and facilitator on personal leadership and human development with extensive knowledge and experience in multicultural management and organisational behaviour spanning over more than 20 years.

"According to the Holy Quran, the reward for the good deeds carried out during the holy month of Ramadan is 70 times more than during other months. So, it is an opportunity to be capitalised," the religious scholar added.

Talking about being productive in life, especially during fasting in Ramadan, the religious scholar said that a Muslim should always be focused on being productive.

"Being productive and sincere in the job will be rewarded. During Ramadan, he should never fail to fulfil his responsibilities as a good human being. All the good deeds receive multiple rewards from the Almighty," he added.

The religious scholar is known for his passion in bringing out the best in people through interactive engagement that is fun, simple and inspirational. And his friendly and charismatic personality coupled with the ability to connect with people, has qualified him to bring out the best in people with impressive results.

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