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My mother ... as I remember her last birthday in Muscat
July 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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My mother passed away recently. She was short of 19 days to celebrate her 84th birthday on June 17. Incidentally, her last birthday was in Muscat, along with the relatives and immediate family members. We will not forget ever her last birthday, because she is not there to celebrate her birthdays anymore.

My mother was a wonderful person. She was very passionate, brave and courageous. She had something divine in her character. Since I remember, she was always considerate to poor and needy and extended her service to them. My father left to his heavenly abode when she was around 44 years of age. At that time we were five children in the age group of 11 to 25 years. She was just a housewife. How she brought up all the five, is still a mystery to me.  I never saw her with broken spirit, sick or tired. I never heard her complaining about tragedy or cursing her luck. What I saw in her is deep faith in God and spending time in prayer or taking care of us. There was no fortune left by my father and no source of income, other than his pension.

Her faith and trust in God lead all the children in acceptable path and made them settle down one by one. She never differentiated among children or their spouses. She accepted them as five fingers of her hand.  She gave us only love and we reciprocated only. She was hard working and considerate to others. She gave so much as charity and was always benevolent to the needy. But she never had her hands empty.

She never asked any help from her children, but many hands were there to help her always. She travelled more than us visiting children from New Delhi to New York, Kerala to Muscat. She had seen more places than us. Her thoughts were very positive and truthful.

She never fell sick or serious ever to be taken care by children. Only she had a fall 17 days before her last journey. She broke two vertebrae in her backbone. She was in hospital and in pain. Everybody hoped that she would survive. But destiny had otherwise. Why she should suffer and why others should suffer because of her? May be, she thought more of the last part and departed.

Her smiling radiant face is still with us. We have not accepted her absence. Her funeral was grand in the village. People have only good things to say with their real experience. I have not heard anybody saying anything for sympathy. She was fondly called 'Amini kochamma' by all. She was laid to rest with tearful eyes.

She never read any bestselling books, but I read many like Who Will Cry, When You Die? But I doubt, it will bring any tears for me when…

When I look back, I think she lived a very short life. But she left us with long lessons of life. She never preached anything of life to us, but she lived a life to follow.  She had short time with my father, but she lived to see her great grandchildren. My whole life will not be enough to understand the life she lived. I am sure many mothers are born of this nature that is why we still see humanity, love and passion in the people.        

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