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Focus on heritage sites of Oman for growth of tourism
July 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A team of experts of ministry and SQU students at the entrance of one of the lanes where they are working. - Photo courtesy Ministry of Heritage and Culture

Muscat: A team of experts has recently started working on a project to record and document historical lanes of Oman to turn these into major cultural and tourist attraction, according to a ministry of heritage and culture.

The committee for documentation and protection of the historical buildings under the Ministry of Heritage and Culture has signed an agreement with Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) to cooperate in engineering consultation and detailed documentation of Qasra lane of Rustaq, Saija lane of Samael, Al Khabt lane of Khabura and Hujrat Muslimat of Wadi Al Ma'awil.

The experts and students of Civil and Construction Engineering College of SQU worked in June, documenting the Qasra lane of Rustaq which is under the Al Bathina governorate.

This project is aimed at protecting Omani heritage which is deep rooted in nature and human life, according to the ministry.

Under the slogan of "Let us protect our heritage," the team comprising 20 students, male and female, from the SQU and a number of experts of the ministry of heritage and culture started the process of documenting these old Omani lanes.

The exercise was aimed to determine if it was feasible to restore these lanes and turn these into a tourist and cultural site and showcase the Sultanate's diverse archaeology.

The ministry said in a statement that the old lanes were part of Oman's history. Visitors to these lanes could gain a sense of the old lifestyle in Oman, and its relationship with the environment. The expert team of the ministry and the SQU is doing various kind of work on the ground including engineering survey of the lanes, documentation of the historical buildings, interviews with the residents of these lanes and ascertaining their ambitions so that they can play a role in the future plans being drafted for these lanes.

The Qasra lane where the team started work is one of the major archaeological sites. There are 13 houses and a mosque built as per the old design.

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