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Modernisation of Oman's telecom network was our main focus: Nawras CEO
July 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Greg Young, chief executive officer of Nawras. Photo: Supplied:

Muscat: Primarily focusing on modernising its network, Nawras has made significant capital investment to expand capacity, upgrade data services and connectivity, thus keeping pace with the future coverage requirements.

"We have completed the modernisation of network across many parts of Oman. Nawras has invested a sizeable amount in expanding the network during the last one to two years," said Greg Young, the chief executive officer of Nawras, who took over last year.

Pointing out that the Omani Qatari telecommunication company was able to introduce 4G technology ahead of many other countries, Greg said, "Our subscribers are starting to adopt 4G capability, thus ensuring better and faster data speed. This has prompted us to invest in this technology and make it widely available across the Sultanate."

Elaborating further, the CEO of the first private telecom operator in the Sultanate told the Times of Oman that the company's new submarine cable will be operational in 2016, and is designed to not only support current traffic needs but also to cater to future demand.

In 2012, Nawras, in partnership with India's Tata Communications, launched Oman-India undersea cable system network for voice and data traffic. "We have one international submarine cable and are investing in another one which will give us additional capacity in the future as customers' needs continue to expand for faster data service," he said.

Asked about any new telecommunications operators joining the now existing two operators — Omantel and Nawras, Greg declined to elaborate by merely saying that the matter is being discussed by the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) and other officials.

"Of course, Nawras welcomes competition. We brought the competition into Oman's telecom market. Ten years ago we were able to make a huge difference in the Sultanate. Now the market is saturated and there is 150 per cent penetration. Despite this, we are able to introduce new services," the CEO remarked.

Explaining about tie-ups with global operators, Greg stated that Nawras is a member of the Ooredoo group which represents over 14 countries worldwide. Through the group membership, the company has tie-ups with Qatar, Tunisia, Algeria, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries within the region, he said.

While admitting that the resellers in Oman are giving a tough competition to Nawras, Greg said that the market share of resellers which is about eight to 10 per cent is quite high, compared to many other countries. He said that the resellers have captured a significant market share and that not all of them who were given licences have been able to sustain in the market.

Among the slew of technology changes in the face of stringent competition, the Nawras chief executive said that the company will launch a new modem for the existing Home Broadband customers in a couple of days to support the traffic needs of today. It will improve data speed and performance of the Internet data.

"We will do a pilot study and then introduce this brand new technology to all the existing Home Broadband consumers after a week or so," Greg said.

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