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Take care of your car to cut annual fuel costs
July 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: It pays to be prudent, specially on the road. Being kind to your car may actually mean being kind to your own pocket and the environment as well. In line with Bank Sohar's Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme 2014 Campaign and the on-going savings tips that are being provided, the bank this month focuses on reducing your fuel bills through maintaining regular vehicle maintenance.

Speaking on this initiative and tips, Munira Abdulnabi Macki, DGM of Human Resource and Corporate Support said: "We at Bank Sohar are committed towards improving the livelihood of the individual and community at large and therefore aim at providing a wide range of tips on savings and financial management that would aid the community to save and spend their money wisely.

"Taking into consideration the growing number of vehicles on Oman's roads, this month's tip focuses on how regular maintenance along with a couple of other easy-to-do checks can lead to significant savings on your annual fuel bill."

While fuel may not be the most expensive commodity in the Middle East; it can still make quite a large dent in ones savings on an annual basis. However, there are several ways in which fuel usage can be reduced, regardless of the type of vehicle used. Chief amongst these is getting the vehicle regularly serviced as recommended by the manufacturer. Doing so maintains the vehicle's efficiency and ensures it has a longer operational life with fewer problems, hence reducing fuel consumption and major repair costs.

It might come as a surprise but choosing the correct tyres for a vehicle and keeping them properly inflated can result in marginal reduction in petrol consumption. Other tips which might be useful are for every 5 per cent (equivalent to around 2 PSI) that a car's tyres are under inflated, fuel consumption increases by 1 per cent, and tyre wear increases as well. In addition, safe and responsible driving habits on the road, in addition to keeping you safe, indirectly improves your vehicles fuel efficiency.

"Saving money by using less fuel is only half the story; burning more petrol and diesel harms the planet with more CO2 pumped into the atmosphere in combination with a cocktail of other harmful emissions. Therefore, by using less fuel you are also helping preserve the natural beauty of our environment and country," concluded Munira Macki.

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