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Update: CCTV video shows young person's scooter behind Mawaleh petrol station blaze
July 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: A CCTV footage of Mawaleh fuel station fire on late Sunday night confirmed that the fire spread from a scooter first, as reported by Times of Oman, while the rider was kicking it hard to start it after filling petrol.

Fire at the fuel station created alarm in the area and two pumps were gutted but the blaze was contained by swift action of firefighters.

The moment the scooter caught fire, the young rider can be seen running away from the scooter by abandoning it. In between, a friend who was behind him on another scooter, can also be seen driving away from the accident scene.

Meanwhile, a car driver who was filling petrol on the opposite side from the same pump moved his vehicle forward to avoid danger even while the nozzle was connected to the vehicle. The abrupt movement of the vehicle led to spilling of more fuel from the nozzle on the ground and led to the blaze.

An Omani man can also be seen trying his best to put out the fire.

However, firefighters were called in and a major disaster was averted by their timely action.

An omanoil company official also confirmed that the cause was a spark that resulted from a motorcyclist attempting to repeatedly start his engine after refueling. No injuries were sustained and we would like to thank everyone who assisted with extinguishing the fire promptly.

"The under-aged customer driving the motorcycle was first refused service by three Fillers and was then misguidedly served during his fourth attempt. While the customer was trying to start the engine of his motorcycle, a customer at the adjacent pump was also getting his vehicle refueled. When the fire broke out, the driver, out of panic, drove off while the nozzle was still attached to the tank of his vehicle. The spillage from the nozzle further ignited the fire. The emergency button to cut off fuel supply to all pumps was activated and the fire was successfully put out using DCP fire extinguishers which were on site," Faisal Al Shanfari – General Manager of HR, Administration, Corporate Affairs, Customer Service, Procurement and HSSE at Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil), said.

"We are taking this matter very seriously and take full responsibility for this incident. While all omanoil Fillers are trained diligently to handle such situations, both the Filler of the motorcycle and the adjacent vehicle failed to comply with the company's stringent HSSE procedures. A detailed investigation is underway and omanoil will take all necessary corrective measures. Further training opportunities will also be identified and implemented in the near future," the official added.

According to the official, all omanoil Filling Stations are equipped with the latest insulation technology in addition to tank safety filling devices and sensor systems. CCTV cameras are also fitted at all stations across the Sultanate and footage is reviewed regularly to identify areas for continuous improvement.

Al Mawaleh Filling Station has assumed full operations as of the morning of July 21st 2014.

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