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44 renaissance day: STRIDES OF SUCCESS
July 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - File photo

Over the past four decades, the wheel of development has accelerated considerably as the Sultanate of Oman galloped ahead in diverse fields right into the 21st century filled with hope and high ambition. On the occasion of the 44 anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance in Oman, people from different walks of life take a look at some of the key achievements:

People at the centre of development

Dr. Nasser Al-Taee
Advisor to the Board of Directors for Education and Outreach, Royal Opera House Muscat

Since the dawn of our blessed Renaissance, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said's vision and leadership helped preserve Oman's Arab and Islamic identity and bring up the country to the 21st century in accelerated fashion.

While there have been many achievements in all facets of our life, I must emphasise the gifts of peace, cooperation between nations, and tolerance. These were accomplished through education, openness, moderation, and respect for our diverse Omani society and the entire humanity. In the past 44 years of our Renaissance, His Majesty has placed man as the center of development in our march towards modernization, a march fueled by HM's vision, leadership, love, and compassion for his people. HM's leadership for the past 44 years has transformed Oman into a prosperous oasis for its citizens and residents, and restored Oman's prominent place in history.

Bright light at the end of the tunnel

Tariq Hilal Al-Barwani
Founder and President, Knowledge Oman

The 23rd of July is an important and special day - a day that is historic which has completely developed our country that is modern as it stands today, proud of the achievements made throughout the years till date. His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos bin Said's declaration back in the 1970 has been met, and the great era of the promised future at that time, is now enjoyed by the nation and citizen as a whole.

This day is indeed a grand day for everyone in Oman to celebrate. His Majesty's wise leadership has led our country to develop and flourish in many areas including but not limited to education, health, IT, communications, commerce and industry, gas and petroleum. The renaissance days has contributed greatly to the prosperity of Oman. His Majesty has provided Omanis health and education. People have always been the focus of development during the past decades.

Opportunities to pursue higher education have increased. If you look back before and after renaissance, you will definitely see the light at the end of tunnel as it's big, bright and colourful! I wish his Majesty and everyone in Oman continued good health and even greater prosperity in the future.

Feeling of being appreciated and loved

Dr Sami Al Zadjali
Doctor of Pharmacy, Social Marketer & Fashion Designer

Before 44 years, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said once said: "A new era for a bright future for the nation and Omani citizens has just began"… few golden words by our beloved leaders & Oman became a real renaissance story in all aspects of life.

His Majesty always believed that the development of Omani youth is the foundation stone in turning our nation's dreams into reality. Therefore we Omanis are very well known as ambassadors of hospitality & our county as land of peace.

Me, as a Doctor of Pharmacy, Social Marketer & Fashion Designer, had many opportunities to prove my capabilities in different fields, & we Omanis are driven by the same basic need: the feeling of being appreciated and loved, & that what makes me give more & more!

As we are relishing the joy of the renaissance day we pray May Allah bless His Majesty,  and all Omanis are proud to be so because he defined the identity of Oman and its people, being friendly, educated, healthy, caring about each other and promising.

Swiftly on the path of development

Raid Maqbool Sultan
Owner of Shuwa Express, Omani Fast Food chain
Creative Foods LLC 

Happy 44th anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance. His Majesty, the Sultan enhanced peace and security, turned aspirations into reality. Thanks to His Majesty's wisdom and Love to Omani People.

Oman is pursuing the path of development on a swift, constant pace in all the major sectors under the vision and wise leadership of His Majesty. A very good decision was to support the SMEs.

The huge support and attention given to the private sector resulted in the success of national companies at both regional and local levels. These achievements would not have been possible without the generous support and regular facilities from the wise leadership of this great country. I am sure that this support will continue. I wish my beloved country all the success.

Women empowerment, the biggest gift

Baida Al Sikaiti
PR professional

Few countries have such visionary leaders, as His Majesty The Sultan. The country was in a great turmoil and in a state of huge instability, when the great ruler took over, and ever since, under his foresight and strong effective policies, Oman has been constantly and swiftly progressing towards sustainability and modernity.
Where we stand today is only because of the unending efforts of our beloved ruler, and his vision. Granting freedom to his subjects, and opening the gates of opportunities for one and all, he put the country on the road to development.
Along-with many other blessings, the biggest gift endowed upon the Sultanate, by the great Sultan is women empowerment. Showing immense faith in the women of the country, and giving them ample opportunities to excel, today Omani women proudly hold eminent positions in the various ministries and in both public and private sector companies, contributing significantly to the prosperity of the great nation.
The country has been progressing like a rose bud under the blessed ruling of our great ruler – blossoming bud by bud into an advanced and efficient, and peaceful country every passing day. 

Concentration on human resource development

Fahad Saif Mohammed Al Dhahli
Commerce Student, Sultan Qaboos University

Perhaps the concentration on human resource development is the base of sustainable development policies adopted by the Sultanate. Huge attention is being paid towards the welfare and development of citizens considering the basic role to be played by them as a resource in continuing the Renaissance movement. This consideration is reflected in the development of Human Resources and graduation of qualified Omani cadres to work in the market with high level of efficiency.

The biggest gift of the blessed renaissance is in the field of education, which is the backbone of all development.  Utmost importance has been laid on imparting modern scientific education in the country by his Majesty. The Sultan Qaboos University stands witness to the untiring efforts put in by our beloved rules towards the betterment of education.

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