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Astrology predicts the future of personal wealth and worries
July 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Although I don't believe in astrology, I am keen to listen to the way fortune-tellers present the future and blessings for doing good things in life. I am surprised to see people from this community still visiting homes in villages and find a way for survival. Back at home, common beliefs encourage spending more for a spiritually blessed future. The choice is left to us to choose our future with lots of offerings.

The fact is that the society we live in today is money-oriented and counts everything based on revenue and earnings. The argument is that whether money makes people happy and healthy. For future-tellers, the way they present the future provides lot of pleasure. Every time I visit home, I take the opportunity to try my destiny.

In most occasions, a fortune-teller touches the emotional and spiritual spheres of an individual.  Though they are aware that wealth is not a prerequisite to happiness, it is always their advice to follow the inherent character of an individual to make them more comfortable and leads to fulfilling to a state of bliss and contentment. This is what a prominent American author said about wealth and worries in life.

"We have to find ways and means to bring happiness in life," I told my wife, as she always pleads for happiness and comfort in life. She spends a lot to offer blessings. It is obvious that both happiness and comfort are self-controlled and give the flexibility to lead an elated life.

"Money can't buy happiness," I challenged, though money is needed to solicit the way a life needs to be carved.

During my life in Mumbai, a roadside fortune-teller had predicted unexpected wealth and happiness in my life after my forties. He also told me that I would be blessed with an understanding boss with plenty of excitement. That became a reality and surprised me. Since then, I have started counting the days of happiness.

 My mother, who stays alone back home, has the mettle to be alone despite keeping the worries of loneliness in her late seventies. Being alone, her painful emotions become part of the daily life that finds ways and means to console her to stretch the life with positive thinking. Notwithstanding, the appearance of a fortune-teller gives her confidence and relieving her from the ageing anxieties.
Whatever I saw in life after my forties, I did not find anything unpleasant. Every day wraps up for a fresh day to start, and a fresh day to end. As I think of the need for more wealth, I realise that wealth will only add worries, not happiness.    

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