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GCC meet seeks to help prison inmates
December 7, 2012 | 12:00 AM
The new Central Samail prison has high quality security facilities and also provides its inmates with coorectional opportunities.Pic: ROP

Muscat: Oman along with other GCC countries, will participate in Unified Inmates Week from December 9-12. This year's theme, 'My Family is in Your Hands', seeks to raise public awareness about the importance of released inmates, along with their families, being again accepted as members of  society.

During the week, the spotlight will be on the challenges faced by those families whose breadwinners are in correctional facilities, while financial aid is provided to the families by the Royal Oman Police. This assistance will target Omanis and GCC inmates across the Gulf, whose families will be provided financial support to help them maintain stable lives and prevent crime from recurring within their homes.

Also during the week, Dr. Yahya Al Maa'wali, Undersecretary of the Social Development Ministry, will preside over the inmates' products exhibition at the Qurum Carefour, sponsored by the Royal Oman Police. Omani prisons provide inmates with facilities that meet international standards for housing prisoners,  since, according to modern theories, the purpose of being imprisoned is to reform inmates, rather than punish them.

Officials noted that the National Human Rights Commission, which regularly visits the Central Jail , has praised the ROP's humane treatment of prisoners, as well as efforts  to reform them. The Royal Decree No 48/98 grants prison inmates the right to receive visits from relatives and friends once every two weeks.

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