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Career transformation from a job seeker to a job provider
July 24, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dr Manishankar Chakraborty & Salim Al Rashdi, Ibra College of Technology, Sultanate of Oman

Job seeker to job provider
Career options are galore for all the modern day career aspirants. However, it is important for all the prospective career building enthusiasts to scan the available opportunities and understand the dividends they can derive from those options before zeroing into the right one.

Calculating the dividend or the return has to be understood from the perspective of the self (career aspirant himself/herself), along with that of the society, the nation and the world at large, if one is willing to make that much needed difference to the career landscape of everyone concerned. It is therefore paramount to switch the mentality and approach from that of a plan vanilla job seeker to that of a job provider or what is commonly referred as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship as a career option can make the difference to all the aforesaid stakeholders, rather than benefiting only the career aspirant. Few of the things that ought to be considered for a career in entrepreneurship are listed below:

Calculated risk taking

Entrepreneurship is not an option for weak minded and soft hearted. It calls for taking calculated risks by transforming problems/challenges into opportunities. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sam Walton and a horde of other successful business tycoons precisely did that.

Nuances of business management

An entrepreneur has to understand the holistic view of a business enterprise rather than have an isolated and solitude view of a single department. This in turn calls for additional interest and effort to know the nuances of business management with an application mindset.

An entrepreneur should have the skill set to network with unknown faces in the real and the virtual world and that should hinge on a symbiotic understanding, where the entrepreneur join hands with a prospective employee/vendor/shareholder from a win-win proposition.

It is more than mere degrees
Entrepreneurship is more than merely acquiring degrees and scoring marks. At times other aspects take a back seat while entrepreneurial focused skill sets happens to be the order of the day. Drop outs from colleges and universities who went on to become business czars are indicators to that effect.

Respect regulations and give back to the society
Successful entrepreneurs have always respected regulations set by the government, ran their enterprise ethically on the basis of strong values, morals, vision and mission. More importantly, they know the importance of society and have always given back to this most important stakeholder to make their enterprise a successful one.

Understand the needs and wants
Entrepreneurs who have made it big could scan opportunities from nowhere and have filled the yawning gaps existing between whatever is available vis-à-vis the gaps in terms of needs and wants.

Dynamic and flexibility
The ability to change by visualising the future makes a successful entrepreneur. The method adopted within the organisation needs continuous fine tuning periodically so as to keep the enterprise viable even in a cut throat competitive era.

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