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New Delhi reels under hot, humid weather
August 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photo - PTI

New Delhi: Delhiites continued to reel under hot and humid conditions today with the maximum temperature expected to settle at 37 degrees Celsius.

However, the weatherman has predicted light rainfall in the latter part of the day which might bring some respite to people.

"The sky will remain generally cloudy. Light rain/thundershowers might occur in some parts of the city," Met department said.

The minimum temperature recorded this morning was 29.1 degrees Celsius.

High humidity level, which has been tormenting Delhiites of late, will persist today as it will be oscillating between 53 per cent and 83 per cent.

The humidity level yesterday touched 85 per cent. The maximum temperature recorded yesterday was 37.7 degrees Celsius whereas the minimum was 28.1 degrees Celsius. 

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