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Royal Oman Police urges drivers to move vehicles aside after crash
August 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: In a bid to reduce traffic jams, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged those involved in minor road traffic accident to immediately move their vehicles to the side of the road.

An official at the ROP explained, "This rule was introduced to reduce traffic jams that invariably follow accidents. The system is aimed at ensuring ease of traffic movement and curbing traffic congestion," he said.

The rule was first introduced in 2007. Minor road traffic accidents are defined as those causing minor damage to one or more vehicles, but with no injuries, deaths, or material damage to public/private properties.

People are still confused about this rule and hence wait for the police to arrive to move their vehicle.

Nasir Kamis who was involved in an accident recently didn't move his vehicle because the driver who hit his vehicle from behind did not admit to his mistake.
"I explained the rule to him and asked him to move the vehicle but he refused. He claimed that I was wrong as I had stopped my vehicle suddenly," said Nasir.

Nasir added that the police came and clarified that it was the other driver's mistake. They fined him because he had prevented me from moving away my vehicle from the road.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, an ROP official explained that there are two kinds of traffic accidents - minor and major.

The official said, "An accident is considered minor when the damage is only to the vehicles involved and there are no human casualties or injuries and no public or private property of third parties is damaged."

He added that when an accident results in death, serious injuries, or damage to public property or any serious damage to the vehicle, then it is categorised as a major accident.

'Don't park cars in middle of road'
"The traffic accident is considered major when the crash results in the death of someone, the vehicle is not insured, or results in damage to public property or the vehicle belongs to a security unit. It is also considered major when one of the drivers is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or doesn't have a driving licence," the official added.

"When it is a minor accident, the drivers must move their vehicle from the road," said the source, adding that leaving vehicle in the middle of the road is a violation in case of a minor accident as it disrupts flow of traffic.

Omani resident Ali Khalfan who was involved in an accident, photographed the vehicles and moved the vehicle from the road. "I can't make the rest of the road users suffer just because I met with an accident," Ali said.

He added that everybody should be responsible on the road as there are emergency cases and stopping the traffic flow may lead to the death of someone.

The ROP called upon motorists to move their vehicles aside in case of a minor accident. "The minor accident form must be filled in and signed by the parties involved in the accident," he said.

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