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World's first of its kind air traffic control system gets operational in Oman
August 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Photo- Jun Estrada/Times of Oman

Muscat: A world first is up and running in Oman with state of the art technology guiding aircraft in the skies above Muscat and Salalah.

The most modern air traffic management system became operational today at the transitional air traffic control centre (ATC) serving Muscat and Salalah international airports, where massive expansion and modernisation is underway.

After formally inaugurating the transitional ATC, Dr Ahmed Mohammed Salem Al Futaisi, minister of transport and communications, told reporters that the new transitional air traffic control centre is a 'great accomplishment' for the country and the civil aviation sector.

"This is a new addition which will definitely support safety in the aviation sector and open new opportunities for the country to optimise the use of its airspace," said the minister.

New 56 inch monitors with multiple views on a single screen, instead of multiple screens, plus the latest systems and software are part of the new air traffic management system, developed by Spanish firm Indra.

"We really feel proud that this system is used for the first time in the world in Oman and it is being formally inaugurated today," said Ahmed Al Futaisi. He added that the firm Indra would soon announce the successful operation of the new system in the development, which Oman's air traffic controllers have also contributed to.

"The company did the manufacturing, development of the system and completed setting up and installation as well as training of the staff.

"They will continue to be with us till the end when the entire airports will be operational. It is a great improvement of the civil aviation system of the country," said the minister.

Ahmed Al Futaisi said that the Spanish firm has acknowledged that input from Omani air traffic controllers contributed to the development of this most modern system.

The old air traffic control system has now become the backup system of the entire civil aviation operation, which is now being controlled by the new system. By the end of this year with the opening of the first phase, the entire system will migrate to new ATC tower. In the second phase the new runway will be made operational and in the third phase the entire new airport would be operational, said Al Futaisi.

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