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Salalah fest offers new adventures this year
August 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The corner for robot-driven vehicles is a new set up that Medan Al Saadah is hosting this year. The drive is safe as the robot is remote-controlled by experts. Photo: Supplied

Muscat: The Ministry of Tourism, represented by its committee for raising the efficiency and developing service and tourist sites at the Governorate of Dhofar, recently inaugurated the experimental operation of Medan Al Saadah (Happiness Square Entertainment).

This was the second year in row for the event, organised as part of the preparations for Khareef season and Salalah Tourism Festival which kicked off on the second day of Eid Al Fitr.

Al Saadah (happiness) entertainment venue is one of the new projects further developed in 2014. The venue is designed to hold new and special events that are different from the events and functions held in Dhofar during Khareef.

'Ruwad' corner
Apart from numerous functions and events, the venue has a corner for shopping which is called 'Ruwad' or pioneers in Arabic. The corner has a capacity to cater to 100 participants and great attention is attached to marketing the products of the young entrepreneurs and the SMEs.

The venue (or Medan in Arabic) includes space for six restaurants, one coffee shop and an ice cream shop, all dedicated to the youth trained in Spain under the supervision of the Public Authority for the Development of the Small and Medium Enterprises.

Sprawled over more than 100sqm, the climbing corner gives an opportunity to the adults to try climbing and discover more about this great hobby. The corner is also manned by first aid specialists and instructors and coaches, and promotes Omani destinations where people who are in love with climbing can try their skills.

The traffic village provides an educational environment to the children to know more about  safe driving and traffic rules, lanes, traffic lights and driving ethics. Children use bicycles in real-life stimulation to traverse roads and streets in Oman.

Dinosaurs and robotic cars
The space specified for dinosaurs opens a window for children and teenagers to know more about these creatures. The corner has five dinosaur replicas of different sizes.

The corner for robot-driven cars is a new set up that Medan Al Saadah is hosting this year. Kids can ride the small cars being pulled by robots. The drive is safe as the robot is remote-controlled by experts.

Traditional carts
For those who love the traditional atmosphere, there are horses available for free ride for a short tour. The horses are provided by a specialised Omani company operating in Dhofar. And for those more adventurous, the Medan Al Saadah has a corner where a track has been designed in a simple way, and features some small hills. Visitors can choose their favourite 4x4 car from a variety of brands and go in for a free tour.

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