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Love to play villainous role more often: Akshay Kumar
August 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Akshay Kumar . Photo - Facebook.com

Superstar Akshay Kumar says apart from catching up with different styles of comedy, he loves to play negative roles more often.

The 'Entertainment' star said it gives him immense joy.

"I think the villain always enjoys so much in major part of the film's duration. He fixes up the heroine, runs around her. The hero is always busy protecting and working for his sister and mother.

"Only in the last five minutes of the film he gets beaten.  I want to play villain's role more often," he told reporters here while promoting 'Entertainment'.

The film will hit theatres on August 8.

Asked what other genres he wants to catch up with after being successful actor in funny and action roles, Akshay said there is so much to learn about comedy itself.

"There are many untouched genres. Even in comedy there are so many things in which you actually want to catch up with.  The way Prakash Raj approaches to comedy, I want to do that," he said.

However Akshay said he started to enjoy his work after spending 27 years in the industry.

"Today when I get up in the morning, and if I have to go for a shoot, I am very eager to do that. I am so happy with myself that this greed has not gone from me," he added.

Akshay said he enjoys portraying different characters as no other profession in the world provides the scope to play various roles in one's lifetime.

"I enjoy doing different characters. Where in the world will you get a profession like this where you can play so many characters - you can romance so many beautiful girls, you can play so many sports ... but still get paid," he said.

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