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Children enact their future plans at Kidcitement show
August 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: It was an opportunity for children to enact their favourite profession. Playing real life characters, they used role play to reflect on and develop their knowledge of the chosen profession.

The Kidcitement event which opened on July 7 at the Markaz Al Bahja has so far received an "overwhelming" response.

Through the activity zones created by the organisers of Kidcitement, children availed of an opportunity to participate and act out various professions. The activity zone included Children's Bank (Bank Muscat), Children's Hospital (Life Line Hospital and Burjeel Medical centre), Children's Wall Paint Zone (Berger Paints), Children's Construction Zone, Children's Army Zone, Children's Artist & Education Zone (Steadtler), Children's Courier Delivery Zone, Children's Chef Zone and Children's Traffic & Road Safety Zone (Oman Insurance Association).

Kidcitement, which was organised by Areej T&C, a four-year old corporate event management company, will end on Saturday.

Yesha Kanabar, business head, Areej T&C, said, "The response to the event has been overwhelming. We had parents telling us how excited their kids were to do some role play. Equipped these days with high technology gadgets, children usually remain confined to their homes during the holidays. This event gave the kids an opportunity to involve themselves in something different."

Through these role play activities, children had an opportunity to get into a character and act out a role or act in some real life context.

"While role play was fun activity, I felt that it was a key component for learning. Children who participated essentially learnt through play," said a parent accompanying her kids.

For Yesha, the biggest takeaway of the event was that the children loved it.

"It was proven that children love to step out of their homes if given the right opportunity. Video games, movies, games or gadgets are just excuses and underscore the lack of edutainment options here," she said.

Yesha added, "We already have parents asking us when will Kidcitement 2 take place and if we plan to include more
activities then."

The organisers plan to take Kidcitement to Sohar and Salalah, too, as part of the first phase.

"This will be an annual event henceforth and each time there will be more career role plays," Yesha added.

Saying that it made their month long efforts worthwhile, Yesha said, "The children were excited, parents were happy, our sponsors and activity partners are equally thrilled with the response. We look forward to continue with Kidcitement for Oman."

Organisers informed that the event was attended by an audience among whom almost 60 per cent were Omanis, 15 per cent Indian expatriates and 25 per cent were Western expatriates.

"We are also happy that it appealed to a cross section of people," Yesha said.

Heer Daryani who took her child there exclaimed, "What an awesome event for the little kids! It was such a nice experience for my daughter and her friends."

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