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HSBC volunteers start Al Maidan Falaj repair
August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Employees from HSBC Bank Oman, in partnership with Oman Water Society, recently supported the first phase of the Al Maidan Falaj renovation project, where maintenance work of the Falaj's main canal is being carried out to restore water flow to full capacity.

Over the coming months, volunteers from the bank will continue to help the renovation efforts, including clearing accumulated rock fragments from the canal, says a press release.

Through this initiative, the main water supply to the wilayat Nakhal will be enhanced and allow the local community greater access to fresh water for both domestic and agricultural purposes. Oman currently has 4,112 Falaj systems, 3,017 of which are operational, producing enough water to irrigate 17,600 hectares each year.

Aflaj systems are an ancient indigenous engineering technique for irrigation in Oman that also form part and parcel of Oman's deeply rooted heritage. Al Maidan Falaj renovation project will help contribute to sustaining the existing cultivation while improving quality and productivity that has been negatively affected due to recurring drought seasons.

HSBC Bank Oman plays a significant role in the Sultanate with its ongoing Corporate Sustainability programmes. The bank is committed to engaging employees at every level in innovative and enriching activities that deliver a positive and long lasting impact on communities they serve. In the first half of 2014, over 150 staff from HSBC Bank Oman took part in a corporate sustainability activity, equating to more than 700 hours of volunteer support.

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