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Sohar University enhances facilities at students’ hostel
August 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
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Muscat: Sohar University (SU)  is always in pursuit of the best for it students. In order to achieve that, SU established a project to improve facilities at students' hostel. This project is expected to be completed  by September 15.

This will create academic and social environment to raise student's self-esteem, helping them in  their academic studies.

In addition, the project will develop services being provided for SU students.

The project includes replacing furniture and electronic devices. It also redecorates kitchens and rooms, highlighting more focus on walls and rooms decoration. New hostels include four TV rooms, single bed rooms, twin bed rooms and triple bed rooms. There are also laundry rooms that have 30 to 25 washing machines.

Furthermore, Internet services will be provided in order to fulfil students' academic appeals. In addition, the development will include supervisors' rooms, cleaning workers rooms and a special office for maintenance services. Each building consists of four blocks with a capacity of 240 to 250 students. All above improvements are for interior hostels while exterior hostels just include bed rooms, wall decorations and supervisors' rooms. The expected deadline is  August 15.

Zulaikha Al Shizawi, SU hostels supervisor, said the project will contribute to making the students feel at home. All the value additions are likely to enhance overall student satisfaction.

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